Friday, 23 February 2018

Week 2 Photographic Assignment

I have started a photography course with SIT, Distance learning. I decided it will help me improve and I am wanting constructive feedback on my photography. So each week I will post up my assignments. I would love to hear your perspectives so please comment.

Week 2 Assignment:

The four images potentially are my worst work! Due to work pressures, not getting the information in an appropriate time I have been rushed or not planned for any of these images. All image processing has used only camera RAW
Portrait: I used an 85mm. Got to their eye level and works a few shots to get her to relax and capture this image - (probably my pick out of these four) I like the natural smile and moment I caught this image of her. I was in a rush and tired and limited gear with me, so natural light and a tree served as the environment. Metadata will show I was able to use good shutter speed to freeze any movement 1/5000sec, and which also meant I could lower my depth of field to f/3.2. I did push the ISO to 500. However, with a full frame, I was happy to allow that in this quick shoot. Processing involved Post processing involved adjusting highlights/shadows, sharpening the eyes and decreasing the clarity to give the skin a soft tone. I also adjusted the white balance for skin tone (used the white of the eye for this)

Architecture: I have tried an image to bring in perspective. I am not that completely happy with it. However, I think it does draw the viewers eye to the end of the hallway in the image. I used a 14mm, had little time to set the shot up. Exposure time was 5 sec, ISO-100 and f/16 to create a good depth of field. I locked the mirror up and used the camera timer. The histogram was great with the start of the image. However, after processing this has shifted having created a vignette to help give a tunnel effect and circular toning in camera raw. I also boosted the contrast to raising the starkness of the carpet and changed to Grey tones. I could do better by spending time lining up the hall better to ensure they were perfect for the 14mm.

Astro: My Gosh, what a terrible image! Sorry! Once I finally got the assignment task I had one night to go out and get a star shot. I was exhausted from the day so dragged my sorry but out and took this horrible image. It was windy, and the clouds were creeping over. I tried to get the stars sharp but could have done better. The composition has no planning and is rubbish! I dropped opened up the f-stop to 3.5, Upped the ISO to 1600, without any calculation for focal length guessed at 10sec. I used a 16mm to get a wide view. The masts are blurry cause it was windy. This image is rather an embarrassment. At least I got some stars and part of the milky way. Post processing involved adjusting highlights/shadows, increasing clarity, increasing exposure to gain more stars and colour and using a gradient to give the sky more mood.

Landscape: Average and rushed again. I had to give up a boot camp for this one. The idea was to create a starburst by using f/18 and a 16-35 with the right blades. Kinda got that! I was intending to use leading lines from the prop, starburst and rail lines to the star. This image I guess has potential, but then I heap of noise when viewed at 100%. Held at 1/80sec with such a wide angle and practising steady breathing I tried to allow for a sharp image. Even though the ISO is 100, there are many dark areas where my noise has come up. Arguably I have shot this image too dark. There is high clipping to the left of the histogram – hence the noise, and on the right of the histogram, I have lost tonnes of information. My exposure is all wrong!

Overall this is experience has been great! And the worst week for me to be creating 4 images of this nature. I hope to get more top of the game in the coming weeks once my course documents can be opened.

Andy Thompson

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