Friday, 23 February 2018

Week 3 Photographic Assignment

Architecture shot in low light: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, f/11, 1/sec, 14mm, ISO-100. I set this shot up within the building I manage. I focused on where I was standing and waited for people to come by. I had to work this shot to get the right effect and right amount of people. I used a remote to be able to shoot at the time I required. Post processing in Camera Raw involved conversion to greyscale, sharpening and vignetting. I cropped the image to exclude space that was distracting to the image. Andy T

Landscape: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, f/18, 1/13sec, 19mm, ISO-100. To get this image I got up at 0445, drove to the east side of the Otago Peninsula and hiked up to the summit of Hereweka. Using the rule of thirds I composed the image (camera on a tripod), camera settings required mirror lock and 2sec timer. I also took off the Neck strap as there was some wind to avoid any camera shake. I chose the 16-35mm lens as the blades on this lens allows for great starbursts. I used the full frame camera body as this is much better in low light/noise reduction. To create good star bursts timing is also important. Post processing was completed in Camera Raw - clarity, some contrast and increasing vibrancy slightly. - Andy T

Portrait: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, f/3.5, 1/50sec, 123mm, ISO-100. I decided on a self-portrait as this seemed more challenging. I had to work the shot several times until I was happy with the outcome. Focus on the eye was critical with a shallow depth of field. Also, the colour of clothing made a difference as my first few shots I had the wrong t-shirt on. I used a remote to take the shot. To get a genuine smile I had to think of either two things - my wife - she makes me smile and or helping people at my work. Post processing in Camera Raw consisted of sharpening the eyes, reducing sharpness to soften the skin, correcting for white balance, sharping and whitening the teeth (remind me to brush better! – Andy T

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