Friday, 27 January 2017

A Perfect Day

What would a 'Perfect Day Look to me?

As I try to make it across a slippery beam overlooking the deep ocean, Jo cracks up laughing at me.  This was my 6th attempt, but cycling shoes with cleats made it so tricky!

I wake early, Jo is in my arms and we are snuggled. Dawn is approaching and I hear the start of the dawn chorus. It is brilliant and I feel loved. I am with someone who is dedicated to our relationship, has my best interest at heart and compliments what we want in life. Jo is someone who listens and understands me so well. In fact, she is the only person in the world that can truly do that and accepts me for who I am. When we are together we soar wild, yet never let go or sight of the importance of our relationship.  We get up and take the dogs for a walk. The sun is streaming in the house that is clean and simplified. We have built the balcony, have a seat and table in the garden, developed the new garden. We have a new shed so all the bikes are away but ready to go. The walk is invigorating and on the way, I whip a few stunning photos that were a surprise to both of us. When we get back we do a workout. Weights and climbing wall and we are both going strong.

After a most delicious breakfast, we discuss the day's events. We discuss some blue sky thinking in regards to our e freedom businesses, note that our variety of work for both tertiary and private is healthy, share some learning and new innovations, consider our next holiday and adventure, then get into some work for the day. After a solid session attending to clients and work, we take a break for lunch together. Considering we both have different businesses that draw in exceptional income, we can afford the time to have lunch and do a small adventure for the afternoon.

We head to the beach on our Tandem bike, loving the company and chatting about stuff, ideas and what we want to do next. Planning our next travel adventure! We spend a few hours hand in hand walking the beach and bike back home. On the way, we stop for a coffee and ice cream. Fun times. Back home we do a couple more hours work with client's and then make dinner.

In the evening we cook dinner together, chatting and enjoying reciting the day. We have had some great feedback from clients and enjoy supplying a great service. We are making a difference that is positive to others and the planet! The evening is blissful. There is a stunning sunset and colours are amazing. We reside to bed early and cuddle. The way we started the day.

One of my many perfect days!

Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson Photography NZ Ltd

This post is dedicated to Jo Martindale.  She is a rock in my life!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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