Friday, 25 May 2018

Photohop Assignment - Theme Concept – The relationships between outdoor people and construction interventions.

Thank goodness to finish this. Here are the images I have put together - (In a bit of a rush) and the blurb to go with it. - Much much more to learn!

Theme Concept – The relationships between outdoor people and construction interventions.

The theme highlights the relationship between people adventuring in the outdoors and the encroaching and dependency of human-made structures that either feed, create or are now a major part of the outdoor environment.

01 Urban Tramping: This image depicts the concept of what we term as wilderness, the transition between urban lives and how this is blended and blurred. The outdoors can be everywhere, even in an urban environment. I wanted the tampers heading somewhere with blue sky above, yet surrounded with people made structures that enclosed them and forced them in one particular direction. 3 Images used (one twice), masking. Some clean-up of the background town image.

02 Climate Climb: Snow feeds the rivers and oceans and humans build ski resorts that affect the water systems. Yet we still enjoy climbing there and often use ski fields for access.

03 Washing our nylon and plastic clothes creeps forever into our food system.

04 Tunnel Kayaker: What flows toward the oceans? We are caught in our own outdoor worlds not thinking about the effects on the river and ocean ways.

05 Hydro Kayaker: Rivers we paddle are often controlled by hydro that create electricity we use. What’s the best of two evils?

 06 Urban Kayaking: This how kayaking may be viewed through the eyes of some. Three images to show this girl may see things with a background of a human-made water mass. Tech: Select and masking, Resizing, warping.

07 Beach Trash: Walking towards the ocean. Combined with fashion. The fashion industry is heavily criticised for its waste products and this is combined with beercan plastic rings that many animals are dying of. Tech: Select and masking, Resizing, warping, shadows.

08 Earthwise? Are we truly Earthwise or is it marketing? All the outdoor activities we do has an effect on the environment. The challenge for every human on earth is to ask themselves how to contribute to making this world a place that is regenerative? So we are not caught up in our own selves and true realisation is that we are intricately connected to everything we do on our small planet.

Technical Approach: Using magazines to give me inspiration, Source images from Internet except these were low resolution and small, Source images from two magazines I subscribe to – Digital Camera and Practical Photography, Photoshop select and masking, resizing, warping, shadows, Blur, Hue/colour increase.

Images are copyright to Andy Thompson

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