Thursday, 26 April 2018

Week 12 Photography Assignment - Monochrome

This weeks assignment was to get a monochrome image to submit. Given it was ANZAC day it seemed reasonable to try for something then. I was going to attend the dawn parade but decided against due to just being tired. I was torn with guilt as I had convinced myself I should go. Plus my Dad would go to these regularly and I felt I should go.

After a long dog walk and lovely breakfast with Jo, I raced down to the Port Chalmers service for 10am. It was the best move. Not only was it a wonderful ceremony, I caught up with Russell Lundy. It only takes that one connection and a chat. It was great to reconnect with a great guy and I appreciated the time chatting.

The bugle, 'The Last Post' always sends shivers through my veins.

My best angle of the bugle person was to get higher and look down toward him. With a long lens, I kept my shutter speed fast and let the camera do the work. It was mid-morning light which played well for the image. I used back button focus to recompose the image and not lose focus of the bugle. The f/stop is wide enough so I did not get detail or distractions in the background. Processing was conversion to monochrome, contrast and sharpening.

 ANZAC. The Last Post

Canon EOS 80D, f/6.3, 1/640sec, 552mm, ISO-400

For more ANZAC images, you can view these at;

I stayed long after the service taking in the significant impact of the occasion. I was the last there and as the sun gleamed down and I stared at the wreaths and plaque, tears started to swell up. I missed my Dad. Nothing can ever bring them back, however, their memories and love sit deep within me. I often wish I could have taken time to get to know them better. Being young you seem so self-centred - I wish I could have gotten over myself but that's done. Importantly I am over myself now, I miss them dearly, am grateful for everything they helped me out with and continue to learn from my parents and many other people I am privileged to work or meet with.

Thanks, Dad.

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