Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Beach, Politics and Keeping Grounded

Last night we were walking along the beach at Aramoana.  The peace, serenity and quiet roll of the ocean soothed our minds after an upside down frantic day.  Waking up to this morning announcement on the American election results leaves me with a feeling of unease for the future.

If you consider Hitler's rise to lead a nation that was based on fear and injustice, this all looks to familiar. People forget history far too easily. In 1919, Hitler attended his first meeting of the German Workers' party, an anti-Semitic, nationalist group as a spy for the German Army. However, he found he agreed with Anton Drexler's German nationalism and anti-Semitism. He disagreed with how they were organised leading him to make a passionate speech. Hitler quickly cemented his reputation as an engaging orator through his passion about the injustices faced by Germany as a result of the Treaty of Versailles.

In a chaotic world that needs great leaders with authenticity and genuine care for the greater good, the result of Americas political elections last night it seems they are heading down the same path. If you look at the history of the winning candidate, he too based his election on a similar vein as Hitler. I quiver at the thought and can only hope he ends up having little ability to do much, while the rest of the government water down his intentions.Let's hope that the tangle of the political world keeps some normality and that people rally together to ensure the newly elected candidate of America is held in check.

If you are worried, scared or overwhelmed, then take that walk with your loved one somewhere you can find some solace and peace. Find a beach, breathe the air deeply, see the intricacies of life that will endure humanity, and take the time to make sure you keep your own feet on the ground.

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